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Human-Robot Friendship


The most important part of technology is people.

We unite our nation's brightest technologists, designers, and strategists with federal agencies as yearlong entrepreneurs in residence. With our agency partners, we're building a resilient government. Our fellows co-create stronger public services using data science, design, engineering, product, and systems thinking. Read about our program, people, and projects in the PIF Impact Report.

The foundation for a successful project, the initial phase focuses on accurately capturing and cultivating the genesis of your innovative idea. A variety of concepts are developed through sketching and quick modeling, allowing evaluation of a range of solutions. As a team we will go through a series of strategic processes and procedures to take multiple ideas and concepts, and form them into an optimized cohesive design. We want to deeply understand the human interaction elements with your specific design and develop seamless interfaces that have long-lasting intrinsic value. We bring invention, creativity and passion to every product and project we develop.


As NATO Sporty™'s premier product development specialists, Our Product Design offers a full suite of world-class services in industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, prototyping, and mass production development. We collaborate with a variety of client types ranging from entrepreneurs to start-ups to large corporations. While our specialty is bringing products from concept to market, we can jump in at any phase of the process to meet your company’s specific goals and objectives.


Our innovative, creative and experienced team knows how to address challenges and develop viable product solutions while providing transparent guidance and encouraging collaboration to build inspiring market-leading products.


We proudly serve clients across the United States and global market.

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Developing end-to-end IoT solutions, from ideation to prototyping, all the way to final product development, manufacturing, and support

As the research and development arm of Shape’s engineering structure, the Advanced Product Development (APD) team is on the front lines of developing next generation process, material and product solutions. This collection of creative minds merges lessons from the past, current expertise and future needs in the pursuit of innovation and co-development projects.

Through regularly conducted trend analysis, customer interactions and technical partnerships, Shape empowers its APD team to identify unmet needs in the specific markets we serve and then develop cutting-edge solutions. Staying current on requirements such as IIHS and RCAR testing changes, NCAP programs and global pedestrian impact regulations is another way the forward-thinking APD team brings value to customers.

Our team uses engineering and 3D CAD software tools to quickly and cost effectively take your core design into prototype or production development. Our forward-thinking team approach and communicate these challenges head on before they become a costly problem. Collaborative engineering design reviews and refinement will guarantee that your design is absolutely ready for prototype and or production output. Our mission is to provide innovative and seamless solutions as it relates to design, materials, mechanical, process and electrical integration. Pillar’s proven product development procedures allow for precision based communication between all parties in the production development process.


NATO SPORTY™ prides itself as a market leader as an equipment manufacturer or OEM. Contract manufacturing services work for a variety of business models>. We help ensure your product is in good hands. We ensure that your component parts are made with high quality materials so that your customers will be happy. If your business needs help producing a specific component part that is typically a part of the original design manufacturers product, we can assist. OEM contract manufacturing can be a complicated process, but we have years of experience to help you understand the steps, processes, and strategies involved with our workflow. We ultimately work as an extension of your company to ensure that the manufacturing process is handled smoothly from A to Z.

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Go beyond improving efficiency, to harnessing the collective power of a collaborative network and data-driven insights. Wherever you’re at today, We can help you get to the next level. It’s in our DNA – the blend of data, network, and applications purpose-built for you to gain the edge.

We have already done the ground work to meet your product quality, cost and delivery requirements. We have spent over years working diligently with our prototype and manufacturing network and supply chain to establish trusted business relationships. We have a complete infrastructure of project management and quality control personnel who perform onsite factory visits and production inspections. In comparison to most design studios, our competitive edge is our extensive spectrum of available services combined with our reliable manufacturing network. We understand the tools and the collateral needed to clearly communicate every aspect and detail of your project and we have detailed procedures and protocols in place to seamlessly execute your production launch.


Comprehensive programs featuring support, consulting, and education, designed to help you get more value faster and keep your NATO SPORTY™ running at peak performance.

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