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▪ NATO Care™ 24/7 monitoring, Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere 

▪ PROTECT & TRACK: 24/7 monitoring offers you peace of mind from anywhere. Perfect for tracking cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, seniors, strollers, boats, teens, valuables, children, bags and assets.

▪ NEVER WORRY AGAIN: real time anti-theft alerts let you react quickly to suspicious activity. Set custom alert zones (geofencing) and receive notifications when the tracker enters or leaves them.
▪ EXCEPTIONAL BATTERY LIFE: up to several months between charges, various tracking modes available. Long life alarm mode (motion sensor) and 1, 5, 10,  30 minute or 12 and 24 hours update rate. Rechargeable in 1 hour.


▪ NO HIDDEN FEES: Built-in SIM included
▪ Include NATO Mobile service plan, 24/7 Monitoring APPS, and web access for any smart devices
▪ Uses 4G, LTE-M and WiFI tracking. Works anywhere with cell toiwer coverage in the Continental USA and Hawaii.

▪ STANDALONE & DISCREET: Ready to track out of the box. Set it up instantly via the app and slip it into anything you want to track.No need to plug it in while in use. Lightweight, compact, concealable.

*Terms and condition apply, please visit for details.

NATO Recruiter ™

Color: Black