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▪ NATO Extreme™  5G & 4LTE+ 1TB Business Class Redundancy Anywhere Wi-Fi Router Modem 
▪ Wi-Fi Speed: 1200Mbps
▪ Certified IoT Device 
▪ Redundancy: Built-in 16600mA battery , power outage, no problem !
▪ Extended 5G/4G LTE Range coverage: Additional -  5G/4G LTE+ Antenna up to 20 miles range
▪ Extended Wi-Fi coverage: Additional purchase for AP Equipment (Ask for detail) 
▪ Travel: Include car charger 12V, optional purchase for travel casing   
▪ Included Data plan $249/month* 2TB (No Cap)
▪ Rural & City Anytime, Anywhere 
▪ No Address validation take it anywhere with cell phone tower coverage
▪ Plug & Play Installation 
▪ 1st respond Spectrum band for poor connection to extend from cell tower
▪ Included SIM and 1TB Data services 
▪ Wire-free from broadband or satellite providers
▪ Guarantee in stock, no back order
▪ Designed & Manufactured by NATO Sporty™ in Texas
▪ $0/activation fee
▪ $0/SIM fee
▪ $100/ Cash Rebate* (Limited promotion)
*1 Year subscription required. Terms and condition apply, please visit for details."

NATO Extreme™ 5G/4LTE+ 2048 GB WiFi Router

Color: Black